Panorama Office

Active8 has moved to Lincoln Mill!

Active8 Communications has moved! We are now located on the second floor of the Lincoln Mill Office Campus. Here, you might find us sketching by the amazing windows or brainstorming in our cozy conference area. Now that we are moved in, we wanted to give you a quick glimpse into our process of making the space ours.

First Looks

When we first viewed this space, it was being utilized as a training facility. The front room housed a few cubicles, and the back room looked like a classroom with tables, chairs, and a projector. What was in the space currently didn’t matter, because our team saw the potential in the wall of windows and visible industrial ventilation in the ceiling. This was a very special location.


In order for this office to come together, a lot of people had to invest time and energy into renovating the space. Active8 founder, Russ Edwards, recruited a team of painters, electricians, and workers to build a space that we would be proud of. They started off putting up a few walls that we needed to create actual office spaces in this very open floorplan. In addition, they ended up knocking down a wall that the previous tenants had required to sign in their clients. We felt that this was better off opened up and used as a seating area. Sheetrock was finished, outlets were put in, and walls were painted. The imagined layout was starting to become a reality!

Electrical – K Electric Huntsville, Inc.
Coordination, Paint, and Buildout – Jerry Black, Jackson Edwards, Cody Edwards, Jennifer Edwards, Cole Pierce


Nearing the end of our project, we enlisted the help of talented interior designers April Davis-Shilland and Sally Barton to create a modern and industrial feel within the space. We found that our favorite furniture and rugs came from Wayfair, while the lighting and bulbs came from Houzz and Lowes.  To save money and resources, we utilized as much of our existing furniture and accessories as we could, including standing desks and office lamps.

Finishing Touches

As designers, we wanted to incorporate what we do on a daily basis. We loved the idea of adding in vinyl to our conference room wall and entrance door. This is a space for creativity, so why not implement the things that we provide for our customers?

Everyone on the Active8 team loves the new office, and we can’t imagine a better location. The community at Lincoln Mill is energetic and optimistic. We see ourselves growing even more here and fully integrating as a part of Lincoln Mill and the Historic District. Thank you to everyone who helped turn this dream into a reality.


Graphic Designer