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Brand Purpose and Importance

Build Your Brand

Identifying your business’s brand is one of the best ways to become easily recognized and distinguished from others in your industry. It is the identity and image of your business and influences how your customers perceive your business. What does your customer think when they hear your name? Brand strength is crucial to retaining and attracting new customers.

Launch with a Logo

One of the most important pieces of a brand is a memorable and relevant logo. When the Apple logo or Google logo appears, they are immediately recognized for reputation and quality. Determine what your logo should be by talking with your marketing team about what kind of symbol, word-mark, or idea you want to represent your business and values.

Convey with Color

When a customer initially sees your brand, they make a subconscious judgment about your company. Because this is often based on the assessment of color alone, it is important that what you choose reaches the right audience. If you are targeting a certain demographic or age group, you might choose colors that feel sophisticated or whimsical. Younger audiences often respond better to bright, primary colors, and others respond better to darker, bolder colors. Location and business category often play a role when determining the color scheme of a company brand. Companies that sell coffee might create a color scheme that includes earthy, warm colors. 

Find the right Font

Typography is something that often goes overlooked when creating a brand. Work with your marketing team to find a font that matches what you have already built so far with logo and color scheme.  A company with a sophisticated brand will often choose a serif font because it is easier to read and considered more “modern.” A company that sells children’s toys might pick a sans serif font for it’s flexible and fun nature. 

After establishing a brand, your marketing materials will consistently and accurately represent your company values. From business cards to your company website, your audience will understand who you are and what you do. 

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