(you may choose more than one video type)
What kind of video are you considering creating? How will this video be used within a particular campaign or your organization?
Important Dates / Deadlines
What is the primary content that needs to be captured? What is the key theme or themes to this video? What, if any, are key talking points?
Do you already have videos that can be repurposed? This could include background b-roll that was shot for a previous project.
Any non-negotiables (logo, tagline, signature sound) that must be included or anything that should be avoided (colors that are similar to a competitor’s, or any industry jargon or terms that might be off-putting for your audience)
What do you want your viewer to-do or walk away thinking/feeling? Is there a specific call to action?
Where will the video be presented or posted? (website embed, email campaign, shown in office or event, etc.)
.mp4, DVD, etc.