Marketing and Design Services

Whether we’re an extension of your in-house marketing department, or we’re building a complete marketing program for you, we offer marketing and design services that meet your short and long-term objectives. We pay attention — diligently working to remain in budget and create an engaging product that is the launch pad for your company’s success.


• Graphic Design • Package Design • Art Direction • Print • Multimedia

Graphic design is at the core of what we do, but it is not simply the way something looks. Design is how it feels, functions, and communicates. Content is key when producing engaging marketing material, and we use color and layout to enhance your message.

From brochures to billboards, and illustrations to identity packages, we will provide you with everything you need to present your company as a cohesive entity.


• Website Design • Search Engine Optimization • Email Marketing • Social Media

A well designed website establishes trust with your audience, and the perceived value of your product or service. Bridge the gap between you and our customers with an online presence that will allow them to get to know you.

As social media becomes an essential business practice, we use strategy and marketing together as one to increase your brand awareness online.

Brand Development

• Identity • Strategy • Taglines • Brand Style Guidelines

A logo is the first impression for your company. It sets the tone for your brand identity and should communicate who you are with simple, confident design. The brand elements influence the “look and feel” of all future marketing efforts.


• Publication Ads • Billboards • Direct Mail

Catch the eye of everyone that passes by with brand-focused graphics and a message that communicates clearly.

Whether you’re promoting a product or event, in digital or print, we work with you to create beautiful campaigns that people will notice.


• Office Displays • Interior Design • Exterior and Interior Signage • Tradeshows

Office spaces can be fun! Let’s turn your cubicle into an incubator for ideas.

Going to a trade show? We can make a booth design that will stand out to everyone there.

Video Services

• Corporate Video Production • Commercials • Lobby Loops • Animation

Get the perfect shot with Active8’s Drone Aerial Photography Service. We provide aerial photography in Ultra HD 4k resolution and corporate, one-of-a-kind videos that will make your business stand out.

We’re FAA legal with a Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate – sUAS rating.

  • Aerial Cinematography for film and TV
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Virtual Tours
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Material

Starting a new business?

Ask questions about our process and see what we recommend for your company. We know entrepreneurs are risk takers. Active8 can help make your ideas happen. Contact us today!