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Why Your Company Should Use Video Marketing

In a world in constant motion, video marketing can be a great tool to get your message out there quickly and effectively. We all know that attention spans are on the decline. With so much competing for those precious minutes of face-time, it’s more important than ever to change the way you communicate with your customers.

So, what can video do for your company?

1. It Personalizes Your Brand

Featuring real people, relatable experiences or emotion as part of your marketing efforts can create a feeling of trust and relationship with your company. Mascots can help tie your brand to a personality, and you become more recognizable and memorable.

2. It Gives Something to Your Audience

Whether it be informative or entertaining (preferably both), your marketing video will be most effective if your audience views it as time well spent. Think about your target audience, and create something they can learn from or laugh at.

3. It Encourages Social Sharing

Sometimes even our best marketing efforts can’t compete with old fashioned word-of-mouth. In today’s world, that often takes place through social media. Creating an engaging and share-worthy video is a great way to promote your company. Put in the work upfront to create purposeful video marketing and pass the baton to your customers to carry on your message.

4. It Can Clarify

Not every company is selling something simple. Watching a video explaining a service or product is often easier than reading a paragraph. Combining video with supporting text on a page can be an effective way to deliver content on your website.

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